Trends in Fonts for 2022: Top 15 Fonts to Use in 2022 

 June 28, 2022

By 2022, there will be three distinct styles of fonts will become popular. Designers are striving for accessibility and strength in the current but also turn their eyes to the past.

What happens in the fonts that are most well-known in 2022?

On the other side, we’ll be witnessing a trend toward more striking sans serifs, a change from the basic sans serif fonts that we discussed in 2021’s most popular fonts article.

On the contrary nostalgia reigns supreme through display fonts, which incline toward the styles of the past.

In the end, humorous fonts will be more in demand and brands are increasingly trying to add some humor to their brand after a tough period of time for all.

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Are you looking to look at the top fonts for your brand or logo in 2022? Let’s get started!

Charismatic sans serifs

Charismatic sans are based on robust, functional geometric serifs that were hugely popular in the in the past. From more practical, modern logo fonts such as Axalp Grotesk as well as Actay to more fun fonts such as TT Arlen and Bradbury Five The fonts in question represent the shift away from utilitarian designs to ones with more personality.

You can expect to see a lot of these sans serifs in 2022..

Axalp Grotesk (Jan 2022)

Axalp Grotesk is a’modernist charismatic sans’ is a powerful yet innovative geometric sans serif font that has multiple weights. We like this font because of its versatility. It is stunning in its most bold design or as a light all-caps font. It was designed by Roch Modrzejewski. It will be released through ROHH beginning in the month of January, 2022. Axalp’s sleek, bold, and clean design could be perfect for logos and branding identities, and websites.

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HD Colton (Feb 2022)

Bold, powerful and adaptable. The font was designed by Daniel Jones and published by the London-based HyperDeluxe in February 2022. this 90-style font family includes weights that are suitable for every medium from logos to apps and yes, even planes!

Shorai Sans Variable (Feb 2022)

Created with Akira Kobayashi and Ryota Doi and released through Monotype, Shorai Sans Variable is a fantastic design for 2022. It is one of the Japanese only style that playfully balances the elegance of traditional brushstrokes drawn by hand with crisp, geometric outlines. A sophisticated sans serif font, Shorai’s simplistic letterforms as well as its vast range of weights provide creatives with an enduring and comprehensive brand typeface.

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Tips The four major fonts that cover all fonts that you’ll see. To find out more watch our instructional video on How to select logo fonts to represent your company .

Rosales (Jan 2022)

Rosales is the latest version of the Latinotype foundry’s extensive list of slappers that are truly amazing. The font was launched at the beginning of the year, and designed by Fernando Perez, Rosales is an enjoyable and accessible font family that manages to be serious about its work.

Actay (Feb 2022)

Actay was created by Serdar Ozturk, and was published by the the Arodora agency. A stunning typeface for branding, Actay includes unique letters, paired with conventional shapes that provide a balanced but intriguing mix of originality and pragmatic.

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Fonts that are nostalgic

The nostalgic display fonts are based on handwritten media of the past, such as newsprint and masonry as well as hand-written letters. In the wake of two turbulent years, and the possibility of more Font designs are expected to reflect a general feeling of longing for better days. The word nostalgia refers to a desire for a better time and you can expect to see vintage fonts that convey a sense of fun and whimsy through 2022.

Hernandez Bros (Jan 2022)

Hernandez Bros was named by the brothers who designed it, Daniel as well as Eli Hernandez, for the Latinotype foundry. It’s already among the most sought-after fonts in the current year and we discern the reason the reasons. With its elegant strokes and delicate serifs, Hernandez Bros is both sharp and solid all at once.

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Avegra (Feb 2022)

The font was created by Annas Alam Yahya in February of 2022 for Letteralle Studio, Avegra is an elegant and contemporary serif family of fonts. With gorgeous twisting terminals, beautiful colors and striking weight contrasts, Avegra is a fluid and masonry-like look that exudes nostalgia and sophistication. It is ideal for headlines, editorial spreads, logos as well as other large display headlines.

Almoneda (Jan 2022)

Almoneda is a hot Spanish display serif available in four different weights. The regular and bold weights make stunning headlines with a gothic, punk look to the fonts.

Created with passion from Alejandro Paul for Sudtipos foundry. The elegance of Almoneda lends itself for headlines that print and could be well-suited to sectors such as hospitality beauty, beauty, or premium restaurants’ logos.

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Alokary (Feb 2022)

A top 20 trending typeface for the year 2022 (according to MyFonts) Alokary was developed by Putu Dody Permana and released through Hishand Studio. This boho-inspired sans serif is a combination of strong vertical stems with unique weight contrasts, creating a its own unique and playful look and feel.

Social media posts, logos and brands are all suitable applications for this brand new sans serif.

Meno Display (Feb 2022)

Meno Display was originally designed by Richard Lipton in 1994, as a simple yet elegant serif. In the spring of this year, an updated Meno Display font version was made available that included 78 styles from the family as well as a new appearance and feel suitable for devices with digital.

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A great typeface for top-quality editorial typography software, Meno is perfect for creating distinctive combinations of fonts for your logo or your brand.

Hastafi Pro (Feb 2022)

Created and published in the year 2000 by Mans Greback, Hastafi Pro is a bold serif typeface that is reminiscent of the old Casablanca and has both European as well as North African influences. Combining bold weight and elegant, sleek designs, Hastafi combines character with elegance. Take a look look up this designer who came up with this beautiful font, which is currently trending in 2022!

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