“The Untold Story of Holly Hallstrom: Behind The Scenes of America’s Favorite Game Show” 

 April 27, 2023


Have you ever watched the popular game show, The Price is Right? Do you remember the beautiful model, Holly Hallstrom, who always wore a big smile and displayed the prizes? She was one of the show’s most beloved models and a staple on the set for years. But do you know the untold story of Holly Hallstrom, the woman behind the fabulous prizes and contagious laughter? Join us as we explore behind the scenes of America’s favorite game show and delve into the life of Holly Hallstrom.

Section 1: Early Life and Career

Holly Hallstrom was born on August 24, 1952, in San Francisco, California. After moving to Hollywood to pursue a career in modeling, she got her first taste of being on a television set working as a showgirl on The Dean Martin Show. In the early 70s, Hallstrom made a name for herself as a model on The Price is Right, where she remained for over sixteen years.

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Section 2: Working on The Price is Right

Hallstrom’s time on The Price is Right was marked by her magnetic personality and infectious smile, both of which resonated with viewers of all ages. She was incredibly professional during tapings, the live show, and behind the scenes, treating everyone with kindness and respect. Additionally, Hallstrom was incredibly good at her job as a model, always show-casing the prizes with enthusiasm, which matched the excitement of the contestants and viewers.

Section 3: Life After The Price is Right

After Hallstrom’s departure from The Price is Right, she continued to work as a model and went on to have a successful career in real estate. In 2015, she released an autobiography titled, “Holly: Behind the Name,” which chronicles her life before and after her time on the show.

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Section 4: Overcoming Obstacles

Like many people, Holly Hallstrom’s life has not been without its challenges. In her book, she talks about her tumultuous childhood, her battles with anxiety and depression, and her experiences with sexual harassment and assault. Despite these obstacles, Hallstrom remained optimistic and had the strength to overcome them and move forward, something we can all learn from.

Section 5: Giving Back to the Community

Beyond her modeling and real estate work, Holly Hallstrom has also made a positive impact in her community. She has given back through her volunteer work with several non-profit organizations and has even worked towards founding an animal rescue organization.

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Section 6: Remembering Holly Hallstrom

Although Holly Hallstrom is no longer on The Price is Right, her time on the show left a lasting impact. People still remember her warmth, kindness, and infectious smile. In 2014, Hallstrom returned to the show for the first time in twenty years to celebrate the show’s 8000th episode. Her appearance was met with standing ovations and thunderous applause, a testament to the impact she had on the show and its viewers.

Section 7: Fun Facts about Holly Hallstrom

– Holly Hallstrom was a big fan of Neil Diamond and even attended several of his concerts.
– Hallstrom had a passion for pottery and even had a studio in her house.
– She was a member of Mensa, a high IQ society.
– Despite her association with sparkling cars and jewelry, Holly drove a 1965 VW Bug, which her father-in-law gifted her as a wedding present.

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Section 8: FAQs

Q1: How long was Holly Hallstrom on The Price is Right?

A1: Holly Hallstrom was on The Price is Right for over sixteen years.

Q2: What was Holly Hallstrom’s job on The Price is Right?

A2: Holly Hallstrom was a model on The Price is Right who showcased the prizes.

Q3: When did Holly Hallstrom release her autobiography?

A3: Holly Hallstrom released her autobiography, “Holly: Behind the Name” in 2015.

Q4: Was Holly Hallstrom involved in any charity work?

A4: Yes, Holly Hallstrom was involved in several non-profit organizations and even worked towards founding an animal rescue organization.

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Q5: What was Holly Hallstrom’s favorite musician?

A5: Holly Hallstrom was a big fan of Neil Diamond.

Q6: What car did Holly Hallstrom drive?

A6: Holly Hallstrom drove a 1965 VW Bug, which her father-in-law gifted her as a wedding present.

Q7: Did Holly Hallstrom return to The Price is Right?

A7: Yes, Holly Hallstrom returned to The Price is Right for the show’s 8000th episode in 2014.


Holly Hallstrom’s life and the impact she had on the popular American television show, The Price is Right are significant. She was professional, kind, and always had a bright smile on her face, which helped create memorable moments for viewers and contestants. Her character was a testament to the importance of being positive and maintaining a positive outlook on life, even when things get rough. Holly Hallstrom is an inspiration to many, and we are grateful for the joy she brought to our screens, both in front of the camera and behind. We wish her all the best in her endeavors moving forward.

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