“The Ultimate Guide to Andrew Mehrtens: A Legendary Rugby Player’s Journey” 

 March 31, 2023


Andrew Mehrtens is a globally acclaimed rugby player who has left his mark on the game with his finesse, durability, and skill. With four Rugby World Cup campaigns in his portfolio, he is considered one of the most successful players of all time. This blog post is a comprehensive guide to his journey from his childhood in New Zealand to playing rugby at the highest level and achieving worldwide success.

The Early Years:

Born on April 28th, 1973, in Durban, South Africa, Andrew Mehrtens moved to New Zealand when he was just six years old. He was introduced to rugby by his father, who was a rugby coach and had great expectations of his son. Andrew showed an early aptitude for the sport, and by the time he was sixteen, he had made his way into the national under-17 team.

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Playing Career:

Andrew Mehrtens made his debut for the Crusaders in 1996 in the inaugural Super Rugby season. He was a prominent figure in the Crusaders’ backline, along with the likes of Christian Cullen and Justin Marshall. He was known for his accuracy with the ball and his ability to read the game. Mehrtens went on to play for the Crusaders for seven seasons and helped them win the Super Rugby title three times.

In 1995, he was first selected to play for the New Zealand All Blacks and quickly established himself as a key member of the team. He was included in the squad for four Rugby World Cups in 1995, 1999, 2003, and 2007, where he played an instrumental role in the All Blacks’ campaigns.

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Andrew Mehrtens’ playing career is filled with numerous accolades. Throughout his career, he amassed an impressive 967 points, making him one of the top points-scorers in All Black history. In addition, he won three Super Rugby titles with the Crusaders, along with four National Provincial Championship titles with Canterbury.

Mehrtens was also awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2003, which is an honor bestowed on New Zealanders who have made significant contributions to their field of work or society.

The Legacy of Andrew Mehrtens:

Andrew Mehrtens’ legacy is built on his numerous achievements in rugby. He is widely regarded as one of the best fly-halves of all time and has a reputation for his accurate kicking and game-reading skills. He is also known for his sportsmanship and the respect he has shown to his teammates and opponents throughout his career.

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Q. What positions did Andrew Mehrtens play in rugby?

A. Andrew Mehrtens primarily played as a fly-half in rugby. However, he occasionally played fullback and center positions as well.

Q. What are Andrew Mehrtens’ major accomplishments in rugby?

A. Andrew Mehrtens had a prolific rugby career and won various titles and accolades. He won three Super Rugby titles, four National Provincial Championship titles with Canterbury, and played for the All Blacks in four Rugby World Cups.

Q. How many points did Andrew Mehrtens score in his rugby career?

A. Andrew Mehrtens is one of the top points-scorers in All Black history, amassing an impressive 967 points throughout his career.

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Q. What is the New Zealand Order of Merit?

A. The New Zealand Order of Merit is a system of awards that recognizes outstanding service to the Crown and country by New Zealanders. Andrew Mehrtens was awarded this honor in 2003.

Q. What is Andrew Mehrtens doing now?

A. Andrew Mehrtens is currently working as a rugby commentator for several networks.

Q. What is Andrew Mehrtens’ playing style?

A. Andrew Mehrtens was known for his accurate kicking and game-reading skills. He was also highly respected for his sportsmanship and the respect he showed to his teammates and opponents.

Q. What impact did Andrew Mehrtens have on rugby in New Zealand?

A. Andrew Mehrtens had a significant impact on rugby in New Zealand, both on and off the field. He set a high standard for his teammates and inspired future generations of players to follow in his footsteps.

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Andrew Mehrtens’ journey is the stuff of legends. It’s a testament to his perseverance, dedication, and hard work. From humble beginnings in New Zealand to becoming a global icon in rugby, his story is one that inspires us all. Let us remember the legacy he has left behind and strive to follow in his footsteps.


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