“The Rise and Fall of Mike Glennon: A Deep Dive into the NFL Quarterback’s Career” 

 March 20, 2023


As one of the most important positions in American football, quarterbacks are at the center of attention. With careers that often span decades and are celebrated with accolades, it’s not too often that we find a quarterback’s story that is compelling for different reasons. Here we’ll take a closer look at the NFL quarterback, Mike Glennon, who may not be the most successful quarterback, but his journey through the league is an interesting one.

The Beginning of his Career

Mike Glennon was born in Fairfax, Virginia and grew up in a family that was sports-oriented. He began playing football when he was just in the second grade and continued through high school and eventually made his way to college. Glennon played for North Carolina State and started for three seasons. Despite being undrafted in the 2013 NFL draft, he quickly signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a backup quarterback. When Glennon took the field in week four of his rookie year, he was thrust into the spotlight and performed admirably well. At the end of the season, he was named to the NFL’s All-Rookie team.

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The Rise of Mike Glennon

Following his successful rookie season, Glennon continued to impress in the 2014 season, even after the Bucs signed veteran quarterback Josh McCown. In week 3, McCown was injured, and once again Glennon was inserted into the starting lineup. He went on to finish the season with 10 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, making a strong case for him to continue as the starter in Tampa Bay. But an unfortunate turn of events was about to occur.

The Fall of Mike Glennon

In the 2015 season, Tampa Bay signed Jameis Winston with the first overall pick in the NFL draft. Winston started at quarterback for the Buccaneers, and Glennon was relegated to the bench. Glennon did play in a few games during Winston’s rookie season, but in the following year, Glennon did not play any regular-season snaps.

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The Chicago Bears Era

The Chicago Bears signed Glennon in March 2017 to a three-year contract worth $45 million. The Bears brought him in as a temporary starter while Mitchell Trubisky, their newly drafted quarterback, learned the playbook and developed his skills. But Glennon’s time in Chicago was disastrous, as he produced turnovers at an alarming rate and failed to win games. After a 1-3 start, the Bears decided it was time to move on and named Trubisky the starter. Despite being demoted by the Bears, Glennon still believed he had what it took to be an NFL starter.

The Arizona Cardinals Reverie

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After his disappointing stint in Chicago, Glennon was waived by the Bears and picked up by the Arizona Cardinals. With the Cardinals, Glennon did not get many opportunities to prove himself as he was the backup to Josh Rosen. He managed to play in two games, in which he completed 15 of 21 passes for 174 yards and one touchdown. After one season in Arizona, Glennon was released yet again, and he became an NFL free agent.

The End of his NFL Career?

After 7 seasons in the league and a rocky journey, Glennon is still looking to make a comeback as an NFL quarterback. He is currently a free agent and is hoping to get a chance to prove himself to a team. Glennon’s career has shown us that life as a quarterback in the NFL can be exceptionally volatile. Quarterbacks face immense pressure to deliver a winning product, and when they fall short, they face harsh scrutiny.

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1) Q. Why did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft Mike Glennon when they had Josh Freeman as their starting quarterback?
A. The Buccaneers selected Glennon in the third round of the 2013 draft as they were looking to develop a young quarterback as a long-term solution.

2) Q. What were Glennon’s stats in his rookie season with the Buccaneers?
A. Glennon had a passer rating of 83.9, threw for 19 touchdowns with a completion percentage of 59.4.

3) Q. Why did the Chicago Bears sign Mike Glennon?
A. The Bears signed Glennon to perform as a temporary starter while their newly drafted quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, learned the playbook and developed his skills.

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4) Q. How did Glennon perform in his first game as a starter with the Chicago Bears?
A. Glennon threw for two interceptions and one lost fumble in the team’s first game of the season against the Atlanta Falcons.

5) Q. How many years was Mike Glennon’s contract with the Chicago Bears?
A. Glennon signed a three-year contract worth $45 million with the Bears.

6) Q. How many touchdowns did Glennon throw for with the Arizona Cardinals?
A. Glennon played in two games for the Cardinals and threw for one touchdown.

7) Q. How many NFL teams has Mike Glennon played for throughout his career?
A. Glennon has played for four NFL teams throughout his career: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, and the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Mike Glennon’s career is an excellent example of the precarious life of an NFL quarterback. Despite his difficulties, Glennon still has the drive to make a comeback, and who knows, with a little bit of luck, he may have one more opportunity to prove himself as a competent starter. Glennon’s story also highlights the pressure and scrutiny that NFL quarterbacks face, even in the fleeting moments of success.


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