The Inspiring Story of Jin Hee-kyung: From Actress to Activist 

 April 15, 2023


Imagine living in a world where you can’t speak your own native language or don’t have the freedom to express your thoughts and opinions. Jin Hee-kyung, a Korean actress turned activist, fought for these rights in South Korea. Her inspiring story of perseverance, courage, and determination is worth sharing.


Jin Hee-kyung was born in South Korea, and she developed a passion for acting since she was a child. In 1985, she graduated from Ewha Womans University with a degree in Theater and Film. After graduation, she began her career as a professional actress and rose to fame in South Korea. However, her passion for advocating human rights and societal change led her to make a drastic change in her career path. This blog post tells the story of Jin Hee-kyung and her journey from being an actress to becoming a human rights activist.

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The Beginning of Her Journey

Jin Hee-kyung, in her early years as an actress, faced many challenges and constraints in South Korea’s entertainment industry. She had to learn how to speak in a specific accent and often had to do explicit or sexual scenes in movies and dramas to get roles. Her experience in the industry made her realize that women in South Korea lacked representation and agency in the entertainment industry. Jin was determined to change the status quo.

Fighting for Women’s Rights

Jin Hee-kyung’s commitment to change in the entertainment industry brought awareness to women’s rights issues in South Korea. She advocated for change, which led to the inception of Women in Film Korea (WIFK) in 1998. WIFK helps promote the growth of women in film by creating opportunities and providing training.

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Speaking Up for the Marginalized

Jin Hee-kyung expanded her advocacy efforts to include marginalized individuals and communities in South Korea. She spoke out against the discrimination of disabled persons and advocated for their rights. Her work with the disabled led to her becoming the ambassador of the Korean Academy of Disabled Persons, where she has worked to promote their rights in society.

Championing the Freedom of Speech and Language

Jin Hee-kyung is also an advocate for the freedom of speech and language. She supports language diversity and the right for people to speak their native tongue. Jin has been awarded the Presidential Citation for her work in promoting language minorities, foreign-language education, multiculturalism, and cultural diversity.

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The Ongoing Quest for Equality

Jin Hee-kyung has taken on many social justice issues in South Korea, and she continues to speak up for those who do not have a voice. She serves as a role model for many young people in South Korea who seek to bring social change and justice in their communities.


1. What inspired Jin Hee-kyung to become an activist?

Jin Hee-kyung’s experience in the entertainment industry and lack of representation for women inspired her to make a change and advocate for social justice and human rights.

2. What is Women in Film Korea (WIFK)?

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Women in Film Korea (WIFK) is an organization that promotes women’s representation and opportunities in the film industry in South Korea.

3. What is the Korean Academy of Disabled Persons?

The Korean Academy of Disabled Persons is an organization that seeks to promote the rights and welfare of disabled persons in South Korea.

4. What is Jin Hee-kyung’s position in the Korean Academy of Disabled Persons?

Jin Hee-kyung is the ambassador of the Korean Academy of Disabled Persons.

5. What is the Presidential Citation that Jin Hee-kyung received?

Jin Hee-kyung received the Presidential Citation for her work in promoting language minorities, foreign-language education, multiculturalism, and cultural diversity.

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6. What other social justice issues has Jin Hee-kyung taken on?

Jin Hee-kyung has advocated for marginalized individuals and communities, including people with disabilities, language minorities, and victims of discrimination.

7. What is the impact of Jin Hee-kyung’s advocacy work in South Korea?

Jin Hee-kyung’s advocacy work has raised awareness about social justice issues in South Korea and has led to positive changes in policies and attitudes towards marginalized communities.


Jin Hee-kyung’s journey is a testament to the impact of one individual’s commitment and dedication to social justice. Her advocacy work has brought awareness to human rights issues in South Korea and has inspired many young people to carry on her legacy. We can all learn from Jin Hee-kyung to lead a life that brings about positive change in our society. Let us all strive to be change agents in our communities.

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