“Discovering the Iconic Designs of Arne Jacobsen: A Look into the Mastermind Behind Modernism” 

 April 20, 2023


Arne Jacobsen was an iconic Danish designer who revolutionized the world of modern architecture and design. From furniture to buildings, Jacobsen’s minimalist and functionalistic approach has influenced design aesthetics worldwide. His works were not just functional, they were aesthetically pleasing as well.

Discovering the iconic designs of Arne Jacobsen gives us a glimpse into the mastermind behind modernism.

The Early Years

Arne Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen in 1902. His parents were both vocational school teachers. Jacobsen displayed an aptitude for art from a very young age and later studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. By the mid-1920s, he was a licensed architect and had started his own studio.

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The Iconic Egg Chair

The Egg Chair, designed in 1958, is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture designed by Arne Jacobsen. The chair’s organic shape and clean lines give it a futuristic feel. It has been featured in movies like Men in Black and has become a status symbol worldwide. The chair’s design elements make it one of the most recognizable designs in the world.

The Innovative Ant Chair

The Ant Chair, which dates back to 1951, was also designed by Arne Jacobsen. It is a compact, stackable chair that can be made in a variety of colors. The design of the chair is minimalist yet futuristic. The chair is said to be the first of its kind that was made from a single piece of plywood. It remains one of the most popular furniture designs to this day.

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The Bellavista Housing Estate

The Bellavista Housing Estate was designed by Jacobsen in the early 1930s. It is one of his most famous works, and many consider it to be a precursor to modernism. The minimalist and functionalistic approach to the design was ahead of its time. Each of the 92 houses is unique, yet they all have one thing in common – Jacobsen’s signature style.

The SAS Hotel

The SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen was designed by Jacobsen in the early 1960s. The building’s design is functionalistic and stylish. The hotel featured several revolutionary designs, such as the first revolving restaurant in the world. The hotel is still in operation and has even been added to the list of cultural heritage sites.

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The St. Catherine’s College

St. Catherine’s College in Oxford was designed by Jacobsen in the late 1950s. The college’s design incorporates Jacobsen’s minimalist approach. The attention to detail is reflected in the choice of the colors used, the materials, and the shapes of the buildings. The success of the design has resulted in the college becoming one of the most sought-after institutions for students seeking to study architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Arne Jacobsen’s most iconic design?
– Arne Jacobsen’s most iconic design is the Egg Chair, designed in 1958.

2. What was the inspiration behind Arne Jacobsen’s designs?
– Arne Jacobsen was inspired by the minimalistic and functionalistic approach to design.

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3. What materials did Arne Jacobsen use in his designs?
– Arne Jacobsen often used materials such as plywood, leather, and steel in his designs.

4. What is the Bellavista Housing Estate?
– The Bellavista Housing Estate is a housing complex designed by Jacobsen in the early 1930s. It is considered a precursor to modernism.

5. What is the SAS Royal Hotel?
– The SAS Royal Hotel is a hotel in Copenhagen designed by Jacobsen in the early 1960s. It features several innovative designs, including the first revolving restaurant in the world.

6. Who studied at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford?
– St. Catherine’s College in Oxford is a popular institution for students who want to study architecture.

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7. What is the Ant Chair?
– The Ant Chair is a stackable chair designed by Arne Jacobsen. It is made from a single piece of plywood and comes in a variety of colors.


Arne Jacobsen’s designs have revolutionized the world of modern architecture and design. His works have been featured in movies, hotels, and institutions worldwide. The innovative use of materials and the minimalistic approach have made his designs unique and timeless. We can all learn a lot from his approach to design and strive to create something as iconic as his works.

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