Board Exams 2022 

 April 18, 2022

The CBSE Board Exams for the academic session 2021-22 are just around the corner. There is nervousness and excitement among the students and also a lot of unrest among the teachers and the parents as well. This is mainly due to the changed pattern of the CBSE Board Exams these years. There are so many changes that have been made by the educational board to ensure that exams are conducted and students are not passed to the next class based on internal marking like in the last two years. This might sound a little confusing. Let us explain the same in more detail.


Board Exams are conducted by the CBSE Board for the students of classes 10 and 12 every year at the end of the academic session, in March. These exams are considered very important for these students as for the class 10 students the result of this exam helps determine which stream they will choose further and for the class 12 students, the result of this exam is required for admission to colleges and universities. Board exams are different from any other internal exams and final exams conducted by the schools as these exams test the students based on the entire syllabus that has been taught throughout the year. Unlike the internal exams and final exams conducted by the schools, these papers are corrected by teachers of different schools and not by the teachers who have taught the students and prepared them for the exams. Board Exams have always been a time of nervousness for the students as they have a lot of pressure to perform well and various aspects of their future depend on the results of these exams. Also, completing the entire syllabus of the whole year seems like a difficult task and revising everything important is also often impossible during the study leaves that the students get.


For the last two years, board exams have not been conducted by CBSE or we could say that these exams got cancelled. The board exams got cancelled for a few subjects due to the worsening of the pandemic situation and the imposition of the first lockdown due to the same. In 2021, the entire board exams git cancelled due to the sudden spike in COVID-19 positive cases and the second wave of the pandemic. In both cases, the students were awarded marks based on their annual performance and the internal exams. This allowed the board and the educational institutions to finally declare the board exam results for these two academic sessions.


While the education system had switched to the online mode in 2020 and all types of exams were being conducted online, board exams were still preferred to be conducted traditionally in the offline mode. Even when online classes were conducted, online teaching and online learning had taken place throughout the year, the Board considered it important to conduct the final exams for class 10 and class 12 in the offline mode.


To ensure that the Board exams were not cancelled for the academic session 2021-22 due to the uncertain spreading and spike in the number of positive cases of the Corona Virus, various changes were made to how the board exams were conducted. The new system of  Board exams that was created for class 10 and class 12 students brought about many changes and the teachers, students, their parents and also the school authorities had to unlearn and learn various things to manage these board exams. To understand what changes were made by CBSE and how the Board exams are different for the students of the academic session 2021-22, let us take a look at the following section.


The CBSE Board decided that board exams for class 10 and class 12  students would be conducted twice and the syllabus that will be tested will be half of what has been taught throughout the year in both the terms. One of the boards was conducted back in December in the MCQ mode and the second board exam will be conducted in May. this term will be a pen and paper test and no MCQs will be asked. Along with two board exams, weightage has been given to internal exams as well. As the boards are nearing, it is time we keep the spirits high with motivational quotes for students and all types of positive reinforcements.

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