10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sky Low Low You Need to Know 

 March 28, 2023


Have you ever heard of Sky Low Low? It’s hard not to be amazed by his incredible story! Sky Low Low was a famous professional wrestler who was only 3′ 7″ tall. Despite his small size, he had a larger-than-life personality and made a significant impact on the world of wrestling. In this blog post, we will dive into 10 mind-blowing facts about Sky Low Low that you need to know to truly appreciate his legacy.

The Early Years of Sky Low Low:

Sky Low Low was born Marcel Gauthier in Quebec, Canada, in 1928. He was believed to have been born with achondroplasia, a bone growth disorder that causes dwarfism. Marcel grew up in a small town and was often bullied for his small stature. However, Marcel didn’t let this deter him from pursuing his dreams. When he was only 10 years old, he ran off to join the circus, where he learned the tricks of the trade from other performers. Marcel quickly became popular among the audiences because of his rare stature.

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Sky Low Low Becomes a World-Famous Wrestler:

Marcel began his professional wrestling career under the name “Sky Low Low” in the early 1950s. He quickly became popular with fans because of his incredible athleticism and entertaining personality. Despite his small size, he was known for his powerful moves and high-flying acrobatics. Sky Low Low went on to become one of the most successful professional wrestlers of his time, and he performed in countries all over the world.

Sky Low Low and Little Beaver:

One of the most memorable moments of Sky Low Low’s career was his partnership with another famous wrestler known as Little Beaver. Little Beaver was also a little person, and the two teamed up to form a formidable duo. They would often take on larger opponents together and would perform incredible acrobatic moves that amazed audiences. Sky Low Low and Little Beaver remained close friends for many years, and their partnership remains one of the most significant moments in wrestling history.

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Sky Low Low and Hollywood:

Sky Low Low’s success in wrestling wasn’t limited to the ring. He was also a popular personality in Hollywood. He appeared in many films and television shows throughout his career, including the popular sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Sky Low Low’s unique look and personality made him a fan favorite in the entertainment industry.

Sky Low Low’s Championship Wins:

Sky Low Low was a highly successful wrestler, winning several championships throughout his career. In 1965, he won the NWA World Midget’s Championship, which was one of the most prestigious titles in professional wrestling at the time. Sky Low Low held the title for several years before eventually losing it to another wrestling legend.

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Sky Low Low’s Legacy:

Sky Low Low’s influence on professional wrestling is still visible today. He paved the way for other little people to participate in wrestling and inspired generations of wrestlers to come. Sky Low Low is also remembered for his infectious personality and positive attitude. Despite facing many challenges throughout his life, he never let his height define him or hold him back.


Q. What was Sky Low Low’s real name?

A. Sky Low Low was born Marcel Gauthier.

Q. What was Sky Low Low’s height?

A. Sky Low Low was only 3′ 7″ tall.

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Q. When did Sky Low Low start his professional wrestling career?

A. Sky Low Low started his professional wrestling career in the early 1950s.

Q. How did Sky Low Low become popular with audiences?

A. Sky Low Low became popular with audiences because of his incredible athleticism and entertaining personality.

Q. What was Sky Low Low’s championship win in wrestling?

A. Sky Low Low won the NWA World Midget’s Championship in 1965.

Q. What was Sky Low Low’s relationship with Little Beaver?

A. Sky Low Low and Little Beaver were close friends and formed a memorable partnership in wrestling.

Q. What is Sky Low Low’s legacy?

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A. Sky Low Low’s influence on professional wrestling continues to be felt today, and he remains an inspiration to many.


Sky Low Low’s legacy continues to live on through the countless wrestling fans who remember him as a wrestling legend. He was a trailblazer for little people in the industry, and his personality and athleticism made him a fan favorite around the world. Sky Low Low’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the power of determination to overcome any obstacle. We hope this blog post has given you some insight into Sky Low Low’s incredible journey and inspired you to learn more about this remarkable wrestler.

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