10 Fascinating Facts About Trent Barreta You Need to Know 

 March 4, 2023


Trent Barreta is a unique professional wrestler that has graced the wrestling world with his incredible skills and personality. Although he may not be as popular as other wrestlers, he has an amazing story and achievements that are worth knowing. In this blog post, we will explore ten fascinating facts about Trent Barreta that you need to know.

Section 1: The Early Life of Trent Barreta

Trent Barreta was born on March 30, 1987, in Mount Sinai, New York. He grew up in Long Island, where he dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler. He began his wrestling career at an early age of 16, when he trained at the New York Wrestling Connection.

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Section 2: The Rise of Trent Barreta

After training at the New York Wrestling Connection, Trent Barreta began his professional wrestling career in 2004. He wrestled in several independent promotions before signing a contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2009. He went by the name Caylen Croft during his stint at the WWE.

Section 3: The Achievements of Trent Barreta

Trent Barreta is a talented wrestler with several achievements to his name. He won the New York Wrestling Connection tag team championship twice, the Jersey Championship Wrestling tag team championship once, and the Pro Wrestling Syndicate tag team championship once.

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Section 4: The Unique Gimmick of Trent Barreta

Trent Barreta is known for his unique gimmick of wearing a hoodie during his matches. He is also one of the few wrestlers who use the Dudebuster as his finisher move.

Section 5: Trent Barreta’s Time at WWE

Trent Barreta signed a contract with the WWE in 2009, and he portrayed the character of Caylen Croft. He also formed a tag team partnership with Curt Hawkins, which was known as “The Dudebusters.” Barreta left the WWE in 2013, after requesting his release.

Section 6: Trent Barreta’s Time at NJPW

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Trent Barreta went to the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) after leaving WWE. He formed a tag team partnership with Rocky Romero, which was known as “Roppongi Vice.” They won the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship twice.

Section 7: The Unique Connection of Trent Barreta with Fans

Trent Barreta has a unique connection with his fans that other wrestlers don’t get. He is very approachable and has a good sense of humor. He always interacts with his fans on social media, and he even created a popular series of YouTube videos called “Barreta’s Burritos.”

Section 8: The Future of Trent Barreta

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Trent Barreta is still an active wrestler, and his future looks promising. He currently works for the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion, where he continues to entertain fans with his incredible skills.


1. What is the real name of Trent Barreta?

Trent Barreta’s real name is Gregory Marasciulo.

2. How many tag team championships has Trent Barreta won?

Trent Barreta has won the tag team championship three times.

3. What is the finisher move of Trent Barreta?

Trent Barreta uses the Dudebuster as his finisher move.

4. Where is Trent Barreta currently working?

Trent Barreta currently works for the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion.

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5. Why did Trent Barreta leave WWE?

Trent Barreta left the WWE after requesting his release in 2013.

6. What is the name of the tag team partnership Trent Barreta formed with Rocky Romero?

Trent Barreta formed a tag team partnership with Rocky Romero, which was known as “Roppongi Vice.”

7. What is the name of Trent Barreta’s YouTube series?

Trent Barreta’s YouTube series is called “Barreta’s Burritos.”


Through his unique gimmick, incredible skills, and entertaining personality, Trent Barreta has created a name for himself in the wrestling world. We hope that these ten fascinating facts about Trent Barreta gave you an insight into the life and achievements of this talented wrestler. If you are a fan of professional wrestling, be sure to tune in to the All Elite Wrestling promotion to see Trent Barreta in action.

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