10 Fascinating Facts about Jay Buhner You Need to Know 

 April 19, 2023


Jay Buhner is a name that many sports fanatics are familiar with. He is a retired professional baseball player who played for the Seattle Mariners for over a decade. He was known for his powerful throwing arm, hitting accuracy, and leadership skills. However, there’s more to Jay Buhner than just being a talented baseball player. In this blog post, we’ll dive into 10 fascinating facts about Jay Buhner that you need to know. Let’s get started!

1. Nicknamed Buzzard

Jay Buhner was given the nickname “Buzzard” by his coach in the minor leagues because of his lean and lanky frame. At first, Buhner didn’t like the name, but he embraced it and became known as “Buzzard” throughout his baseball career.

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2. Married his high school sweetheart

Jay Buhner married his high school sweetheart, Leah Harnish, in 1987, and they have been together ever since. They have two children together, and Buhner is a dedicated family man. He often speaks about the importance of family and how it kept him grounded throughout his baseball career.

3. Hit a ball that landed in the Kingdome’s upper deck

Jay Buhner was known for his powerful hitting skills, and he hit a ball during a game in 1993 that landed in the upper deck of the Seattle Kingdome. This was a rare occurrence, and it solidified Buhner’s reputation as a powerful hitter.

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4. Was afraid of fish

Despite being an accomplished fisherman, Jay Buhner had a fear of fish. He wasn’t afraid of catching them, but he was afraid of touching them and being near them. Buhner’s fear of fish often surprised his fans and teammates, given his background as a fisherman.

5. Had a museum dedicated to him

In 2004, the Mariners opened a museum dedicated to Jay Buhner. The museum featured memorabilia and artifacts from Buhner’s baseball career, as well as personal items such as his fishing gear. The museum was a testament to Buhner’s impact on the Mariners and the city of Seattle.

6. Donated money to build a baseball field for special needs children

Jay Buhner is a philanthropist and has donated money to various charitable causes throughout his career. In 1998, he donated $5,000 to build a baseball field for special needs children in Washington state. The field was named “The Buhner Buzzard’s Nest” after his nickname and is still in use today.

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7. Was a pitcher before he became an outfielder

Jay Buhner started his baseball career as a pitcher, but he soon realized that he was better suited to be an outfielder. He made the switch and became a skilled outfielder, known for his powerful throwing arm and accurate hitting.

8. Was once traded for Ken Phelps

In 1988, Jay Buhner was traded from the New York Yankees to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for Ken Phelps. At the time, the trade was controversial, but it turned out to be a great move for the Mariners. Buhner went on to be a key player for the team, while Phelps struggled with injuries.

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10. FAQs:

Q1: Was Jay Buhner ever an All-Star?
Yes, Jay Buhner was an All-Star in 1991 and 1993.

Q2: What was Buhner’s batting average during his career?
Jay Buhner’s career batting average was .254.

Q3: Did Buhner win any awards during his career?
Yes, Buhner won a Gold Glove award in 1996 for his exceptional outfield play.

Q4: What was Buhner’s signature catchphrase?
Buhner was known for his catchphrase “Swingin’ the lumber!” which he would shout after hitting a home run.

Q5: Did Buhner ever coach or manage after retiring?
No, Buhner has not coached or managed since retiring from baseball.

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Q6: What is Jay Buhner doing now?
Jay Buhner is currently retired and spends his time fishing and spending time with his family.

Q7: Does Jay Buhner have any hobbies besides baseball?
Yes, Jay Buhner enjoys fishing and is an accomplished angler.


Jay Buhner is a fascinating figure in the world of baseball. Not only was he a talented player, but he was also a dedicated family man and philanthropist. From his nickname to his fear of fish, there is so much to learn about Jay Buhner. We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and learning more about this baseball icon. If you’re a fan of baseball, be sure to check out some of Jay Buhner’s games and see his talent for yourself.

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